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The Lord of Creation عنوان المديح
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The Lord of Creation
The Lord of Creation created everything The Lord of creation does not need anything The Lord of creation is not like anything Allah is not like anything at all Allah made the pearls in the deepest oceans.
He brings from the darkest earths gold and silver and perfect diamonds.
Allah made the flowers, sweet and bitter fruits.
He knows all the leaves that fall in the silent and lonely woods.
Allah made the plants grow, He makes them grow and die.
And when the earth is dry He sends rain from beyond the sky.
Allah made the sea, the winds and the changing tides.
He made the morning sun shine away dark and starry nights.
Allah made the lightning, the storms and rolling thunders.
He made the winters pass into warm and shooting summers.
Allah made the throne beyond the seven skies.
He made it as a ceiling for the gardens of Paradise.
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