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Everyday عنوان المديح
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Everyday is filled with blessings.
Don't you see them? Just look around.
Everyday is filled with blessings, yes It is.
Look for the blessings you have not yet found.
If you have sight, that sight is a blessing.
If you can hear, what a blessing you have.
If you have kissed the hand of a scholar of Islam you have a blessing which others have not had.
So thank your Lord for all of your blessings.
Don't forget to thank Him night and day.
You thank your Lord for the blessings that He gives, when you use those blessings from your lord to obey.
Obey what God ordered you to do.
Don't forget what is forbidden for you.
Observe what you do and don't commit sins.
Be among those Muslims who win.
We are Muslim, we will strive for our faith as long as we're alive.
We are Muslim, we stand tall.
Those who mock us are the ones who fall.
We are Muslim, we're not shy, to spread our faith, we'll travel low and high.
We are Muslim, we are proud, instead of hiding truth we'll speak of it out loud.
We are Muslim, we are strong.
Our faith is right, its certainly not wrong.
We are Muslim, we are wise.
Muslims are guaranteed to go to Paradise.
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