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موقع النشيد الإسلامي و المدائح النبوية يرحب بكم
Creator of the Earth and Sky عنوان المديح
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إستمع الى المديح
Creator of the Earth and Sky
Allah Allah Allah Ya Allahu Allah Creator of the earth and sky, we ask for a rank that's high.
We obey in word and deed, the Prophet's teachings we must heed.
Allah Allah Allah This world is a trail for us, and we well now that we must obey the orders from our lord to avoid all sin and seek reward.
Allah Allah Allah Our hearts quake with fear of You, our hearts wake with love for You, and to Islam we must be true, in everything we think and do Allah Allah Allah To people we have brought our call, men and women one and all, La ilaha illallah, No one is God except Allah.
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